Receptions & mariages

Unique of its kind, the castle of Marqueyssac and its 54 acres historic park reveal an ideal setting for having your celebrations, weddings, seminars and meetings.

The gorgeous surroundings, the charm of its terrace gardens give to your reception a prestige that is not comparable. In this place fitted out 3 centuries ago for pleasure and thoughts, you won’t only discover the preserved nature of the Dordogne valley but also the history of Périgord.

Among many reception, those that were done for weddings are the most prestigious. Before the reception on the terraces of the château, the bride and groom can have a walk in the park which is always appreciated for the traditional souvenir photo.

A marquee whose the surface area changes in accordance with the number of guests is fitted out on the Honor terrace which overlooks the Dordogne valley. The panoramic side is made up of transparent windows, they open with the help of looped curtains in order to completely enjoy the view on Beynac castle and its village which is one of the most beautiful village in France.

Our meetings and reception rooms can be extended, they are luminous and fitted out with all the material used for seminars (projection equipment, video-tape, projector, paper-board, photocopier, etc.).

Reception rooms

Mariages Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac Vézac Perigord Dordogne

The marquees
At the foot of the chateau, the Honor terrace reveals a panoramic view on the Dordogne valley and on the chateau of Castelnaud, Fayrac and Beynac. It can contain more 300m2 of closed structure.

surface area
place settings
seminars cocktail
280 350 350
Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac Vézac Perigord Dordogne
The panoramic salon
Located on a wing of the chateau, opening out on the Dordogne valley and the chateau of Beynac and Fayrac.
surface area
place setting
seminars cocktail
35 45 55
Salle des blasons Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac Vézac Perigord Dordogne

The coat of arms salon
Dining room of the family before, this room is decorated with the coat of arms of the ancestrors of the owners of Marqueyssac.

surface area
place setting
seminars cocktail
20 30 30
Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac Vézac Perigord Dordogne

The green rotonde
Designed for thoughts, shaded by holm oaks, pines and arbutuses.

surface area
place setting
seminars cocktail
25 30 50

The gastronomy

Menus adapted to the seminars times

Exemple of a seminars’ menu:
Medallion of duck Foie Gras,
Supreme of farm Fowl Morel sauce,
Crunchy of warm Goat (Chévre Chaud),
Iced walnut Soufflé.

Gastronomic menu:
Ballotine of little duck and its Balsamic sauce,
Paupiette de Sandre and Salmon on Butter of Nantes,
crust fillet of lamb with truffels and foie gras frying pan,
choosing of cheese,
walnut salad,
orange cake on its vanilia cream.

The relaxation activities

Discovery walk of the historic park of Marqueyssac with a guide

Morning footing on the 6 kilometers of walks

Walk on the river Dordogne with the bulbous hull typical boat:
the “gabare”

Guided visit of the castle of Castelnaud, museum of medieval warfare located in front of Marqueyssac

Hot air baloon flight


For your famous reception, we organize theme evening party (medieval, renaissance, barocco), the lit up of the gardens of Marqueyssac with candles or the flaring-up of the castles in the Dordogne valley.

Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac Vézac Perigord Dordogne

Receptions & mariages

Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac